St. Agnes Academy

Partner: Crane Meta Marketing 

St. Agnes Academy is an all girls' Catholic school in Houston, Texas, with deep roots in the Dominican tradition. Drawing from the four pillars of the Dominican values—study, community, preaching and prayer—the icon emerged as an ever-changing, overlapping and moving symbol of their faith and commitment to their community and studies. The girls at St. Agnes are strong, graceful, sharp and supportive and we wanted to amplify that across the brand.


Partner: three furies

Memi is the latest tech wearable that's also a stylish piece of jewelry made for women by women. They needed a sleek, fashion-forward brand identity that would resonate with their target market. One of the challenges in branding Memi was that it would be marketed alongside luxury goods in high-end retailers, as well as the latest tech gear at the Apple store. Memi recently realized full funding via Kickstarter and is in the process of the final stages of development.

Kaye Scholer LLP

Partner: Three Furies

Kaye Scholer is an international law firm based in Manhattan. We were challenged to refine a new logo and create a brand that is ownable and authoritative. Once the identity was established, we worked with the internal team to implement the new program across firm-wide and practice specific marketing materials. To help keep the program consistent, we also produced a comprehensive set of brand guidelines.

Blue School 

Partner: Crane Meta Marketing

Blue School is a progressive school in Lower Manhattan, founded by the Blue Man Group, dedicated to educating ages 2 through grade 5 (soon to be through grade 8!). We had been working with them on a speaker series and were asked to join in the rebrand by implementing and designing marketing materials and digital applications based on Crane's strategy. We were so charmed with the already iconic logo. so we left if as is and focused on refining the color palette to update and unify the brand. 


Tipsy wine and spirits is located in a charming Art Deco shop in Brooklyn. The owners wanted to break out of the traditional mold and create a customer-friendly experience that makes shopping fun. We designed a bold, modern logo, and then produced every expression of the brand—from store furniture and fixtures to signage and packaging. A colorful system is applied strategically across all physical and digital applications. We just wish they were closer!

Daily Worth

Partner: Three Furies

DailyWorth is a website and daily email that focuses on helping women take control of their finances to incorporate smart money management into their overall lifestyles. Although DailyWorth had a strong list of dedicated subscribers, their website wasn't a destination unto itself, and their branding lacked the sophistication to appeal to women in higher income brackets. After conducting focus groups and internal workshops, and undergoing a review of brand assets, competitors, and user surveys, we developed a brand and content strategy to make DailyWorth more unique, vibrant and appealing. With a brand new logo, website, and email templates, DailyWorth has continued to grow as a lifestyle brand, while helping women own every aspect of their lives.

Sobieski Vodka

ERIn hall / meter industries

Based in Poland and virtually unknown in the US, Sobieski Vodka was looking for a way to not only create brand advocates, but compete with the major category contentenders. In fact, their goal was to become the first vodka to reach 1 million case sales within 4 years. At the time, the vodka market was flooded and Sobieski needed to distinguish themselves from all of the noise. Meter's Truth in Vodka campaign dispelled the myths in vodka advertising and was able to set Sobieski apart. Sobieski reached its goal of 1 million cases 4.5 years after their launch, shattering Grey Goose's previous record of 7 years and Meter won a Silver Effie Award.


ERIN HALL / carbone smolan agency

Nizuc was slated to be a 5-star luxury resort and residence in the Riviera Maya. We built the brand from the ground up over the course of 2 years—from hand-sewing a look book for the initial investor meeting with Aman Resorts, to creating the final sales tools and premiums for the marketing company. It was a massive undertaking to create a sense of a place that hadn't yet been built. A dream project to say the least, we succeeded and won a few awards—and a happy client—in the process.

W.L. Gore & Associates


W. L. Gore & Associates has made its name by creating innovative, technology-driven solutions, from medical devices that treat aneurysms to high-performance fabrics. CSA was hired to design a permanent exhibition in Gore's Delaware office to tell the story of the product and history of the company for training purposes and sales. Built on a hexagonal grid, we highlighted 6 key areas of the brand story. Each area told those stories through content, video, photography, mechanical illustrations and product display. Work spaces were created in each area so employees could hold meetings, run training sessions or work quietly in an inspired setting. Gore was thrilled with the results and we won and SEGD award for our work.